Act I – Signature xx – Life With the Frumious Bandersnatch

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Act I – Signature xx – Life With the Frumious Bandersnatch.

 I – xx – (xwix) – Disconcerting her preliminary . . . Heppleweis went in.


Disconcerting her preliminary . . . Heppleweis went in (2.81 KB).

                 A Time & A Place (Setting): FRANCE. The Failsafe Invitational. Format Zoo Garden.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Iphgene Heppleweis.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: None.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Other skaters.

                Purpose: An attempt to portray the insider folklore of various skating rinks.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Social satire.

                Relevance/Transition: Might this be conjugated with another sketch with a zoo theme?

 Failsafe Invitational     

Circa October 2000. Iphgene travels to France to participate in the skating tournament.

 An agoraphobic sketch of Iphgene practicing in the Format Zoo. This match, apparently the first of the Failsafe Invitational tournament, occurs weeks after the Earth’s stoppage, shortly after the death of Ylferim is discovered by Sasha (Ch. III – Adwakny, best bitte, eccles, dan don dun). Three other rinks are mentioned, in the parlance of the skating community: “the windy walk, another cold stadium, and the hope crusher.” This is an attempt to foreshadow other settings. The tournament is a five round event. One other round is specifically described so far: the muddy rink in St. Petersburg (Ch. X – As the scrub . . . tentative wave), which takes place a month later. Iphgene has left her daughter, Lizavetta, in the care of Vorga, whose reaction to being used by her father, Rex Ampersand, is not yet written, but she can’t be very happy.

I – xx – (xviii) – When will ethereally etched . . . stand aside or else.


When will ethereally etched . . . stand aside or else (2.16 KB).

             Narrator: The four chichi restorations might conceivably be spaced further apart into subsequent chapters.

                A Time & A Place (Setting): A Platonic dimension.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Aira Phoebus.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: None.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Finth.

                Purpose: Aira Phoebus attempts to restore the chichi by administering drops to the Earth’s iris.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Epic surrealism.

                Relevance/Transition: The movement of the chichi theme is interwoven with the Failsafe skating tournament, which in itself is declasse. . . .

 An again refused . . . the fringe of after action.

Circa June 2001. Aurora’s efforts are shattered by the neuro-Niceans who tampered with the Archangel’s plans to build the city of God.

A description of the traditional deities’ attempt (Ch. V – Far from them . . . a menue of other options) to restore the chichi – Phoebe’s handmaiden (also referenced as Aira in other chapters) – avatar of the dawn – borrows the car from Aurora and also some of Neptune’s buffest steeds – what they hoped to accomplish is unclear. Some tenuous references (Ch. XI – Altogether shadow puppet was . . . to face the council) liken the process to an administration of eyedrops in the Earth’s iris, but a blink causes the drops to scatter . . . This background cited, what does the sketch contribute? An acrophobic passage features “a platform that shied . . . a limbic draw . . . the track frozen . . . blank span . . .” The “starry pilot” uses a “spare fork” to recalibrate the passage, but the day “dissolved in exigency.” Here is a pause to insert descriptions of that exigency, if desired.

I – xx – (wiX) – These Cocytus sneezes, fabulous . . . as a knob turned.

These Cocytus sneezes, fabulous . . . as a knob turned (6.71 KB).

            Narrator: TBD

                A Time & A Place (Setting): The Global Village (post-inversion).

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Inspector Lemert.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: Ostrand.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Elias Deerfield, Iraisamonde.

                Purpose: A Cocytus sneeze is advanced as a cause of what (?) just happened [2007 - subsequently pegged as the failed chichi restoration], inasmuch as this is a quasi-introductory sketch and several characters are attempting to piece together a cataclysm.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Surrealism.

                Relevance/Transition: Inspector Lemert seems on the verge of busting Ostrand (il majordomo ii) for the death of Talitha. The sketch ends with the turn of a doorknob, which should herald an important character . . .

Life with the frumious bandersnatch               

Circa October 2005. After the earth’s stoppage, the arrival of a dark matter bandersnatch fouls the communications of the Global Village.

A non-introductory sketch, these passages occur some time after the stoppage, those left behind having adjusted to the loss and return of gravity, and begins with reference to “Cocytus sneezes” that have effected the timeline for eight hundred years (Ch. X - appeals traced . . . an apparent deliverer). Coping with the aftershocks of the sneeze and its impact upon “proto-economic status . . . documentable health . . . organic stimuli,” Inspector Lemert receives word that the “recent interdiction of preferred tele-communicatory nodes had been caused by the arrival of a frumious bandersnatch,” which “revelled in the epic assumption of a role congruent with video cassette records.” Deerfield (Ch. XI – When something happened . . . with the bath water), helps develop “a new lens clearing procedure” that facilitates alternative or latent modes of communication, subterranean marquees, static variance, ere ink remnant miscued. Ostrand, feeling overshadowed by his vizier, is about to be supplanted as il majordomo through the exposure of his act of manslaughter of the “soily virago (Ch. IV - Beeswax amp, escape of POD, resettling of car).” His guilt over this hidden act affects his relationship with Iraisamonde (Ch. VIII – JNATOSC – the great starry something) and he leaves town. Inspector Lemert (Ch. X - As the scrub . . . tentative wave) follows up on his investigation (Ch. IV - shrugging star, an inquest, and eighteen pages). Well versed by now in inter-regnum protocols, he “doubted that all of the Niceans here were not only small, yet also old, and in the lanes of resonant logic devolved disparate asides leerily fractional recourses that ranged in the natural speculum from amoral surcease demotive of quite erroneous vanes.” Searching for Ostrand, the inspector prepares to confront a yet unnamed visitor perhaps returning to the scene of a crime.

I – xx – (xi) – Arise pagoda, June is . . . dragging the grand high around here.

Arise pagoda, June is . . . dragging the grand high around here (5.29 KB).

            Narrator: TBD

                A Time & A Place (Setting): Cyber-space.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Lothar Flusstapfer.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: None.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: A prince asterisk; fjulsfut; Gretchen.

                Purpose: Begins in a supernal realm, referencing the Great Window, as denizens brace for a Snorggi sneeze, and numerous galactic issues addressed by the IAC, whence Lothar, fretting that his research on curing Snorggi’s syndrome is ruined, is advised by Gretchen to avoid vengeance against the dispensationalists.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Surrealism.

                Relevance/Transition: The sketch ends with vague geographic archetypes. . . .

VIII – Arise pagoda, June . . . would tide me over.

Circa June 2006. As an early fjulsfut expedition braces for a Snorggi sneeze, Lothar & Gretchen debate research strategies .

Seguing out of the germination of Inspector Lemert’s investigation (I – xx – (wiX) – These Cocytus sneezes, fabulous . . . as a knob turned), this sketch (I – xx – (xi) – Arise pagoda, June is . . . dragging the grand high around here) continues the freefall of the fjulsfut, begun in a prior signature (I – xvi – (x) – As the fjulsfut expedition swerved . . . ). The pathfinders fall through “noisome factorials . . . shimmery icons . . . flapdoodles,” notice “holistic loafers on, this prince asterisk slammed upon the Great Window (I – wix – (xii) – One morning, sometime after . . . this council) notelessly,” and “lolled, hapless to avert a gathering Snorggi sneeze (III – viii – (i) – The hyperborean icicles . . . be a lesson unto us); had anyone cared . . . for the redistrification of the universe into a pre-Ptolemaic (I – iii – (xi) – The Sicilian Emperor . . . chastening his recreant scion) model?” This question signals an instant phase shift to the International Astrophysician [sic] Conference (IAC), to which Lothar Flusstapfer () has cadged a visitors’ pass as “a congruent alibi for his tacit aim of spoiling the vacations of the dispensationalists, whose highbrow holdout (I – xiv – (xi) – While his crassly . . . abandoned relaxation techniques) of the antigen necessary to preserving his dwindling supplies of Type N (I – xv – (wiX) – Several winks later . . . the volatile plasmas therein derived) had proved fatal to decades of research.” [Thanks to J.W. for insights indirectly structuring Gretchen's counter-thesis.] His assistant, Gretchen (I – xiii – (v) – Gretchen arrived . . . but don’t hold your breath), attempts to dissuade him. “At first view, Lothar maintained, a programme arrogating the privilege of declaring deficiency within any of its several constituencies, while expressly recoiling from mechanisms designed to redress said equanimity, is in forfeiture of its mandate to uphold civil tranquility. A spurious inference, his assistant rejoined, rendered nugatory in Sherman et al, which specifically dissolved internal linkages conducive to congenital oversight.” Gretchen attempts to redirect Lothar’s focus. “[T]o comb the dockets for a favorable hearing disavows the primary energies that have brought you so far. In short, are there not your notes? Lothar replied, you know that weird strength you get when you brace to lift a bottle thought full, your arm jerks the load with preternatural force, sending a signal back to your brain like ease up pal, but the latter is already preoccupied with wondering where is that bottle once thought full I’d hoped would tide me over?” With Lothar’s admission of insufficiency, the scene shifts back toward the neuro-Niceans (I – xx – (x) – The Rat with the Horns). The fjulsfut jump is eventually concluded (I – xxi – (xi) – Pursuant upon . . . the sighing sonorosity).

I – xx – (x) – The Rat with the Horns.

The Rat with the Horns (6.23 KB).

            Narrator: While this is part of Ylferim’s tapestry collection, consider deferring (or not) in conjunction with the agnomen’s tale of the Great Window (late Act I).

                A Time & A Place (Setting): A Platonic realm.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: The Rat with the Horns.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: The lamplighter Anubis.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: The neuro-Niceans: Joba, Bluebell, the high five.

                Purpose: . . . the Rat with the Horns [continues to identify] identifies several neuro-Niceans seeking the blessing of Anubis for their creation, a proto-orca (soon to be Prince O’Darkness).

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Epic parody.

                Relevance/Transition: The sketch closes with the papal assessor at Worms, waiting for the defence to arrive, drafting a long-postponed encyclical . . .

One raised a question . . . but they settled . . . into time.

Circa September 2000. The Rat with the Horns blows the whistle on a catalog of some of the darkest (neuro-Nicean) angels who owe their emergence to the post-Mississippian epoch. They are those lumine who were held back from the Great Window (find that folder) and who spoiled as a result. Frightening even to Satan himself, whom they chide for his own paltry efforts, they possess coalition forces to weld Ahriman from the torments of native prisoners and attempt to pass this humonculous off before the lampman as a finished work.

The Rat with the Horns, who later serves as Lucifer’s counsel (Ch. XI – Although known that he . . . will instruct him), looks over the arriving delegation of neuro-Niceans, knowing he had “no commission to dismantle these protagonists’ writhing pyramid, and Joba lost no time in reminding him of something else, these best and brightest innocents abroad, ah to be young and wild in Babylon again, the Rat sneered, suddenly recalling where he had seen them before. He regretted that his fifteen minutes were up. Too long enthroned upon surreal praise shadow puppet had taken leave of his senses and ordered all oversight out of the building. The city, constructed for the faithful, was the stumbling block. Too many of them wanted lawns and fences. Under shadow of the watchtower, the construction committee convened.” This is also related by the Archangel in Ch. II – Isaiah 6, Bounceover, Forgotten Tense, Slavesons, levelling. The lamplighter addressed the neuro-Niceans. “For purpose unfathomable hast thou deigned to create a poor humonculous who has been through the wringer just once too often. He is not our creation, they replied stiffly, modestly, and testily. What ho, exclaimed the lamp man, hast thou not welded these poor souls together by the crudest of coercion? Although unknown and intrinsically hostile to one another, the Niceans cobbled a jealous alliance of guarding the remaining free space between them, and their efforts, directed toward glowering zealously at all newcomers, settled into time. No, they replied, they got that way by themselves.”

I – xx – (xwix) – Having raced toward . . . the Global Village . . .


Having raced toward . . . the Global Village (2.43 KB) . . .

                A Time & A Place (Setting): FRANCE. The Failsafe Invitational.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Iphgene & her daughter.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: None.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Rex Ampersand, Inspector Lemert.

                Purpose: After completing her warm-up, Ipghene is notified of her daughter’s detention.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Parody of the thriller genre.

                Relevance/Transition: A cursory appendage/character sketch of Inspector Lemert in a nearby listening van* . . .

Failsafe Invitational     

Circa October 2000. Iphgene travels to France to participate in the skating tournament. She is contacted by kidnappers.

Iphgene has left her daughter, Lizavetta, in the care of Vorga, whose reaction to being used by her father, Rex Ampersand, is not yet written, but she can’t be very happy. The entire sketch is disturbingly callous, although Iphgene’s efforts to throw the match in hopes of saving her daughter, and the disappointed reaction of the skating community, are vaguely amusing.

*I – xx – (iv) – inquest pre-scrap.

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