Act II – Signature xxiii – Conclusions, Revolutions, Occasions

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Act II – Signature xxiii – Conclusions, Revolutions, Occasions.

II – xxiii – (xvi) – Viewing his mission . . . before him.


Viewing his mission . . . before him (1.46 KB).

             Narrator: Lifted pending evaluation of the feasibility of locating Ferguson’s catspaw into early Act II, the result of which spawns the Founder’s League board meeting and diaspora. 

                A Time & A Place (Setting): Global Village (pre-inversion); a monastic cell on the Mediterranean.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: (Sasha) Van Etnabaron.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: Matthieu (Foccaccio).

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: The Emperor Frederick the Second.

                Purpose: Description of Sasha’s research in his hunt for the Porcupine Conch.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Narrative, imagery (“shooting star”)

                Relevance/Transition: Note that this sketch serves as a useful lead back to the narrative set in the 13th century; the astronomical references might also be used to tie into events in space . . .

a screen saver that does not kick . . . the search of the skies

Circa August 1999. Heavily revised June 2001. Old text that has survived, featuring the mobilization of officials of the Global Village. In response to criticisms from the media they depart on various expeditions.

After the Niceans temporally abduct Logan Ferguson as a catspaw to divert world attention from their inbound expedition (Ch. IX – Charles . . . was about to toast), an “emergency session of the Global Village convoked in Gotham.” Matthieu, preparing for “a celebration of his vita,” bids his colleagues to “take vacations.” Van Etnabaron, after “a fortnight of poring through 13th century architectural records,” discovers the “shipping logs . . . of Gaeta, bustling portal of the Emperor Frederick the Second.” This is a good spot to insert historical background (Ch. V – past existence et all; Ch VII et al). Here, Sasha learns of the long missing Porcupine Conch (details later provided in Ch. IX - 260 – Feb 15c, dialog, most recent thoughts on the Old World), and “as a service to his benefactor, Dan il Fiume Foccaccio, prepares for the great expedition sketched in Ch. VIII – Piscine Excursis – they rode out; Piscine Excursis – sybil monserrat y capella).

II – xxiii – (x) – A Weird Small Twisted Thickety Item (SPLIT).

Fireside chats – I (3.03 KB).

                Narrator: TBD

                A Time & A Place (Setting): Cyber-space (post-inversion).

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Uncle Edith.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: None.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: None.

                Purpose: Gridlock in the Global Village judicial system.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Real-time events that can be bowdlerized.

                Relevance/Transition: The narrator appeals for a return to the invisible hand . . .

II – xxiii – (x) – What youthful odysseys ever dragged . . . EIS.

3. What youthful odysseys ever dragged . . . EIS (3.91 KB).

            Narrator: TBD

                A Time & A Place (Setting): The desert outside of Las Vegas.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Marathon.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: None.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Burning Man.

                Purpose: Marathon hears Burning Man’s tales of woe.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Surrealism.

                Relevance/Transition: They head off together to wake up Burning Lady . . .

II – xxiii – (x) – Left behind . . . a fiery match.

4. Left behind were armaments . . . to consecrate the fiery match (2.00 KB).

            Narrator: TBD

                A Time & A Place (Setting): The desert outside of Las Vegas.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Burning Man, Marathon, Burning Lady

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: None.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Messimo, Lothar, other desert creatures.

                Purpose: A happy ending to the long pursuit scene across the desert, providing rationale for Lothar’s decision to torch Momma and Poppa Burner prematurely, who subsequently beget a god-child to contain AHRIMAN (this theme requires development).

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Absurdist.

                Relevance/Transition: This sequence is meant to interweave with Fr. Anselm’s auto de fe at the hands of the Inquisition . . .

x – . . . the terrain gesticulated . . . the fiery match.      16KB  RTF     12/2/2006      1:24PM

Circa May 2006. Meta-textualized travelog into the Nevada desert in search of Burning Man.

A composite sketch, not as messy as some, which unspools in roughly consecutive order. Lothar, who has “to find a date for the fire sale (I – xvi – (x) – As the fjulsfut expedition swerved . . . to set him aflame prematurely; II – xvii – (viii) – Prior to embarking . . . at dusk),” encounters Mantissa (II – iii – (ii) – Upon resumption, a woman . . . on many levels). After preparations elsewhere documented (II – xvi – (vii) – Spared by the eleventh hour . . . in full glory), the composite sketch resumes in the desert, where “the outfitters had the abysmal luck to set out into the teeth of a Red Flag night exercise (II – xviii – (wix) – Then you will not . . . meet in forty-eight hours).” Mantissa splits off (II – xwix – (wix) – It was always there . . . the rangemaster later indicated), wanders the salt flats seamlessly (II – xwix – (wix) – Before any vital . . . bottomless cup), amidst thirst-induced mirages (“[t]he factual sternish stellar golightly chirped, reproachfully intent with fluffy cinnabar this of all mornings, and nightmare drumlins receded like distinct cantos of fleeting sagacity,” when, “[s]tartlingly, a black sprinkly golem, paroled from the sump, crassly pointed north, selfsamely fetid in potent ethnology (II – xxi – (wix) – Roveretto discovered . . . alike beanbag shrieks).” Mantissa flees as “[t]he mettalic day-glow mega-nik blitzed into view to tunes of ever synchronous hat tricks lurid with resinous dearth (II – xxii – (x) – The metallic day-glow mega-nik . . . chimed into being),” outpacing “the rest of the cast toiling through the waist deep crabgrass in the dingy lee of the hills to the west.” After the longest chase ever, Burning Man gives up in a snit. “Be that way, it said warblingly at Marathon’s fidgety defiance, and permutated over hitherto pathless outcrops diffusely (II – xxiii – (x) – What youthful odysseys ever dragged . . . EIS) . . . I’d naturally assumed that you were a phantasmagorically dumb nebbish, she persipicaciously noted, at which the migratory fagot combustibly chortled,” explaining he is simply looking for Burning Lady. With the help of abandoned BLM explosives, they find and blast her out of the schists, a wedding party forms “at Scotty’s Junction,” and Lothar and Roveretto arrive “in time to consecrate the fiery match (II – xxiii – (x) – Left behind . . . the fiery match).”

 II – xxiii – (x) – A Weird Small Twisted Thickety Item (SPLIT).

The dispensationalists enjoyed . . . the approach of an entropist.

Circa October 2001. Typing under duress thanks to the thespians next door, I developed a proto-phlebotomist (most likely Herr Flusstapfer) who is concerned with solving Snorggi’s syndrome.

November 2002. As afternoon transitioned into evening I had difficulty with light and shadow while attempting to diagram the Niceans encounters with our own Milky Way galaxy.

A useful sketch, definitely several months prior to the Earth’s stoppage, that features the dispensationalists who enjoy holding out on everyone. The scene shifts to the perceptive Nicean expedition. “An eddy, attended with wave harmonic fanfare signatures, aroused the interest of the duty observer. It was the sound of an ion trail left by their expeditional rivals, the eighth, who were rushing to an assignation in such haste that they had not bothered with concealment.” This is a rare mention of the expedition’s rivals, the eighth, who are interested in garnering human souls for their purgatorium. The plight of the inhabitants of what the monads term as “the indigo sphere” is traced to “the logarithmic growth of pharmaceutical industries” . . . there follows a sketch involving the entropist, yet there is conflict here. (This character sketch subsequently moved to Ch. V – The negotiation of . . . stop pinging time). Depicted as having “a wish . . . to hasten this by setting it on fire and melting it, prematurely because the whole point of burning man was the solution,” the character is more likely the proto-phlebotomist Herr Flusstapfer, Justine’s employer, who sees to his grand design (Ch. X – Unconvinced of the . . . pressing concert) to spoil the dispensationalists’ vacation by setting burning man on fire before they arrive. Risk attribution is high.

A concept of . . . a recent event.  

Circa January 2003. The meeting of finth with an unspecified party.

Circa May 2002. An early sketch of Yzdraggil, the Great Ash harboring the Norns, and the attempt of Ylferim to visit them.

The writer as narrator complains of working conditions, transitioning into a dialogue between the Norns, who dismiss Finthector, leader of the ninth, while navigating a vague cosmology. This probably places this sketch after the critical chapter (Ch. IX – time flew out . . . of human idiom) that introduces the ninth’s role as rye catchers looking for dark matter at the edge of the universe. The Norns regard a man “that entered into the physical realm with little thought of his own care.” He has dismissed his film crew save for two persons, Marta and her daughter Jasmine, whom are brought before the great ash, apparently with hopes of introduction to the pre-occupied Norns. An introductory sketch that propounds “a taping festival”, this sketch occurs during the lifetime of the man (il dan Matthieu Fiume Foccaccio) and prior to his conversion (as Ylferim) to Shi’ism, which presumably occurs during his visit to the Middle East to film the sand man’s biopic.

II – xxiii – (vii) – Whatever the present held . . . was the end of the first outing.


Whatever the present held . . . was the end of the first outing (3.82 KB).

            Narrator: The prosaic interrogation sketches of Idres & Wahid should be deferred until the invasion is over.

                A Time & A Place (Setting): Ossian, at the start of the U.S. occupation.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Coalition interrogating officers.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: Wahid.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: The Soundman (unnamed); various Nicean creatures; pre-Sputnicisists.

                Purpose: Wahid describes vinculums (AKA virgules), the thought nodes allowing universal transcendance.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Surrealism.

                Relevance/Transition: The closing phrase of the sketch was pegged as the end of a book, although it evolved into the end of a chapter instead . . .

What the present held . . . was the end of the first outing.

Circa January 2004. Wahid and his guest attempt to explain the verticules to the coalition forces.

Reference Ossian: a fictitious land from pre-Elizabethan poetry (locate source [11/23/12: Ossian, hero of 6th-7th century Irish epic, reputedly translated by Mr. J. MacPherson circa 1762]). The cleric and shopkeeper Wahid turns himself in and is asked about the whereabouts of bigger fish. He beseeches his captors to rectify conditions contributing to his rebellious penury. The occupation forces regard such nation building as paternalistic and lose interest in Wahid until he mentions the vinculums. They ask him to show them one, but Wahid insists that one needs an invitation. The interrogators question many of the locals, “a crowd of bistro ancients,” who are of two minds. Apparently these “pistachio nomes” offered an escape from spiritual poverty but were nationalized by the previous government with the help of the “Sputnicists.” The interviews end inconclusively and the arrivals are left to sort through the depictions. This is the initial sketch of a series (TBD) in which a working definition of the elemental verticules (also known as vinculums, virgules, ellipses, thought vehicles, little novel writing machines) is first attempted. Though routinely accessible to the Niceans, they are also used by some perceptive members of humanity (Park, media mogul Charles Nesbit, who hang-glides into them, the entropist, and several inhabitants of this host country “Ossian” to name a few). They are the basic means of transcending time, space, and matter; however they are addictive and persons have been known to get lost in this. Wahid, a Shi’ite, should be incensed that the secular sand man is referred to as his employer. In temporal terms, this sketch is contemporary (2004) and thus many years prior to the Earth’s stoppage in 2012.

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    They are the basic means of transcending time, space, and matter; however they are addictive and persons have been known to get lost in this. Wahid, a Shi’ite, should be incensed that the secular sand man is referred to as his employer. In temporal terms, this sketch is contemporary (2004) and thus many years prior to the Earth’s stoppage in 2012.