Act II – Signature xxiv – Dropcloth to our fever dreams

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Act II – Signature xxiv – Dropcloth to our fever dreams.

II – xxiv – (x) – After tipping . . . her upbringing.


After tipping . . . her upbringing (11.4 KB).

                Narrator: Should be deferred to the opening of the next scene (under the 33-24 KB contraction scheme).

                A Time & A Place (Setting): Washington D.C, pre-inversion.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Talitha Thledvirrson.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: Sergei Kalamparample.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Hesitance, Creed; Fr. Anselm (unnamed); Mr. Ng, Baha (unnamed), and the Ambassador an An Indocile.

                Purpose: After returning from the artifact heist beneath Ossian, Talitha sleeps off her jet lag. Her dreams unify several events, perhaps problematically, such as Creed’s mission (still unexplained, although thwarted by her) and the Ossianian minister (east- or west-bound?); Fr. Anselm’s work at inter-regnum wishram (in retrospect, as he has just died in the above sketch); and Mr. Ng’s arrangement of an interview with the Nicean Ambassador.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Social satire.

                Relevance/Transition: Adjoining the grand flameout of Burning Man (AKA Fr. Anselm), the tragic Talitha Thledvirsson makes her sudden entrance in the expected lull . . .

Viable underground . . . refuted by her upbringing.

Circa January 2004. Attributes of the verticules (nodes capable of transcending time, space, and matter).

Circa February 2004. Having escaped from a time conduit, the entropist regards a conclave’s questioning of a strange visitor.

Circa September 2004. Fr Anselm (Abelard) contemplates the arrival of the strange tribes who overthrew the siege of Worms.

After lifting the tureck akabej (Ch. I - The problem is . . . sending for adieu; I did until now here wear . . . her own vision of peace; Ch. X - On like a giant snoring went . . . a signal bartlett space), Thledvirrson returns to “her ground floor apartment on Monocacy Heights.” She is indifferent to the ghosts of “the previous unpleasantness,” who in return send her nightmares. The “breathy glimpse of the Mall spewing the realexandrian font,” is a relic of underlying text. Erotic imagery is a sop to prevailing values. Thledvirrson relates the events of her recent journey to “Arabia” to her fellow obvioregal (Ch. X - Art is a soggy hook . . . mention it immediately) Imogene (Ch. X - . . . do not hear tapped kith … meaningful . . .), whose “argus-eyed maintenance of the village server” is of little interest to her. Ringing off, she recalls her encounter with the “micro-fanatic,” who expounds “his own manifold diffiklatchies encountered during an attempt to locate an inferential library (he is set to claim the opening passage of Ch. V – The negotiation of . . . stop pinging time), receive a name, and become a full-fledged character in his own right, exhibiting the process from inspiration to incarceration, and to Hell with Parliament and their glorification of non-smoking) and predicts the reversion to the Ptolemaic universe “once the itinerant gas giants began smashing into us.” This is a chance to vault my name alongside today’s leading purveyors; at present, though, T. simply humors him “until he had been safely escorted from the tarmac,” a sad case of a man seduced by the West into denying the jihad, while “a large settlement for the stars against a popular network for its dehumanizing caricatures of them caught the . . . attention of the duty observer (Ch. V – The shrill stiff solar gale . . . ended with the Polaris Rat ; Ch. X - The hyperborean icicles of . . . lesson unto us).” After checking her “inbound snail mail,” in which the trans-conference (Ch. I - On the morning . . . unfolding elsewhere) which demanded her several language skills, also loomed,” she watches the news while taking a bath, and soon televised images are mingled with dream, from “the trans-solar behemoths which migrated pursuing us subconsciously,” to “our next amphora, the pronouncement of anathema against the dissolute employ of the baronial glazier (Ch. V - at the outset of the journey into Snorrgi’s nose much happiness is . . .),” to the entropist, who “sat in his bitter estate arguably and decidedly forfeit of principle,” addressing the “sullen parallelopipeds wary of far ago (Ch. V – . . . who are not going to . . . fluff my logos really).” The Nicean Ambassador an An Indocile appears before mankind, teasing them for guessing “this was His only mere how largely inaccurate.” A journalist wishes “to invite the alien onto his television program where she would be subject to his questions,” arousing the ire of the entropist who indicates “there was not a way of treating the steps of first contact,” but to his disappointment An replies that she “will send a card.” Thus the interview sketched in Ch. X - And yet the individuals . . . almost wished he was watching) is arranged. As An fades, the late show segues as “Jay (who also represents the Devil’s emissary, the sky blue jay (Ch. II - Isaiah 6, Bounceover, Forgotten Tense, Slavesons, levelling; Romanian rhap . . . a failure to commune . . . shocked by irrelevance; Ch. IX – Could this be less fun) said to himself oh great another gee whiz sweaty space chic film what the world needs most,” and then an early morning economics seminar features “bar graphs marched across the telescreen for about the eighth time as a decade . . . turned in many astute fourth quarter performances and agitated for nominal recognition,” a reference to the emerging Nicean eighth race (the risorgiamento tryptych: (Ch. X – The anciently immediate chase . . . my white bicycle; While the ghost riders . . . belted out a late night piano forte; and They seemed to be . . . his own telephone)), the “savant eighth emulsion silo Elvises,” who awaken Talitha “suddenly to a harsh April morning feeling like a giant prune and immutably her courage stirred from an apparent dream about a concept thought irretrievably refuted by her upbringing.” After some unspecified interventing text, she is off to the conference (Ch. X – On the morning . . . unfolding elsewhere). Possible prelude to Ch. V – The shrill stiff solar gale . . . ended with the Polaris Rat.

II – xxiv – (x) – Unconvinced of the . . . pressing concert.

Unconvinced of the . . . pressing concert (2.84 KB).

                Narrator: TBD

                A Time & A Place (Setting): The desert outside of Las Vegas.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: Lothar Flusstapfer.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: Momma & Poppa Burner.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Roveretto, Marathon, “the Earl (Ampersand, offstage)” .

                Purpose: The other principles turn aside to let Lothar accomplish his avowed task of torching Burning Man prematurely.

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Imagery, wordplay, psychological realism.

                Relevance/Transition: The imagery is designed to seque into Fr. Anselm’s auto de fe at the hands of the Inquistion . . .

Unconvinced of the . . . pressing concert.

Circa July 2003. Mostly blank verse describing an ambiguous process.

Circa May 2004. Having been denied the serums necessary to continue his research, Lothar follows through on his resolve to spoil the dispensationalists’ vacation by setting burning man aflame prematurely.

This so far is all that exists of Lothar’s vaunted torching of burning man, presaged by events in Ch. IX – The dispensationalists enjoyed . . . the approach of an entropist. Facing the demise of his genome project, he is reminded of his notes by Justine (Ch. V – The negotiation of . . . stop pinging time), who succeeds in calming him momentarily. Some incomplete blank verse is imported (from the superseded file Ch. I – A person of no interest . . . countdown from four . . .) to re-energize this sketch, featuring “a person of no interest . . . our platform . . . a foursquare noise . . . shard of soma toast . . . stale instigations perturbed . . . fire facet luau . . . a paler span ensued . . . even the sirens pitching in.” A fuller text appears with bureaucratic concepts, “injunctions . . . grievance . . .

II – xxiv – (x) – Left behind were armaments . . . exchanged for imperishable robes.

109-110, 111-116, 117-118. Fr. Anselm struggled to the bier . . . exchanged for imperishable robes (14.2 KB).

                Narrator: TBD

                A Time & A Place (Setting): The trial of Fr. Anselm at Worms.

                Primary (active, subject) Ch: The sacrist Fr. Anselm.

                Secondary (inactive, object) Ch: None.

                Tertiary (referenced, en passant) Ch: Various Niceans: fjulsfut, finth, and eighth; Florian, Wyvern, shadow puppet.

                Purpose: Condemned to burn for his heresy, Fr. Anselm justifies his visions to the mob and invokes a historical treatise that is studied by the inbound Niceans (have they left yet?).

                Method (narrative, process, genre): Surrealism (drawn heavily from Black Book); historical parody.

                Relevance/Transition: Fr. Anselm is exalted in paradise . . .

x – . . . the terrain gesticulated . . . the fiery match.      16KB  RTF     12/2/2006      1:24PM

Circa May 2006. Meta-textualized travelog into the Nevada desert in search of Burning Man.

A composite sketch, not as messy as some, which unspools in roughly consecutive order. Lothar, who has “to find a date for the fire sale (I – xvi – (x) – As the fjulsfut expedition swerved . . . to set him aflame prematurely; II – xvii – (viii) – Prior to embarking . . . at dusk),” encounters Mantissa (II – iii – (ii) – Upon resumption, a woman . . . on many levels). After preparations elsewhere documented (II – xvi – (vii) – Spared by the eleventh hour . . . in full glory), the composite sketch resumes in the desert, where “the outfitters had the abysmal luck to set out into the teeth of a Red Flag night exercise (II – xviii – (wix) – Then you will not . . . meet in forty-eight hours).” Mantissa splits off (II – xwix – (wix) – It was always there . . . the rangemaster later indicated), wanders the salt flats seamlessly (II – xwix – (wix) – Before any vital . . . bottomless cup), amidst thirst-induced mirages (“[t]he factual sternish stellar golightly chirped, reproachfully intent with fluffy cinnabar this of all mornings, and nightmare drumlins receded like distinct cantos of fleeting sagacity,” when, “[s]tartlingly, a black sprinkly golem, paroled from the sump, crassly pointed north, selfsamely fetid in potent ethnology (II – xxi – (wix) – Roveretto discovered . . . alike beanbag shrieks).” Mantissa flees as “[t]he mettalic day-glow mega-nik blitzed into view to tunes of ever synchronous hat tricks lurid with resinous dearth (II – xxii – (x) – The metallic day-glow mega-nik . . . chimed into being),” outpacing “the rest of the cast toiling through the waist deep crabgrass in the dingy lee of the hills to the west.” After the longest chase ever, Burning Man gives up in a snit. “Be that way, it said warblingly at Marathon’s fidgety defiance, and permutated over hitherto pathless outcrops diffusely (II – xxiii – (x) – What youthful odysseys ever dragged . . . EIS) . . . I’d naturally assumed that you were a phantasmagorically dumb nebbish, she persipicaciously noted, at which the migratory fagot combustibly chortled,” explaining he is simply looking for Burning Lady. With the help of abandoned BLM explosives, they find and blast her out of the schists, a wedding party forms “at Scotty’s Junction,” and Lothar and Roveretto arrive “in time to consecrate the fiery match (II – xxiii – (x) – Left behind . . . the fiery match).”   

The courts must promulgate . . . imperishable robes of glory.            3KB     RTF     10/18/2005 3:50PM

Circa March 1993 (heavily revised October 2005, even more heavily revised December 2006). A downtown encounter twisted into higher drama.

Since the first Synopses, all of the characters are changed. The clerics are now those of the medevial church, some of whom, such as Florian (II – xvii – (iv) – The assessor will be most interested . . . during the equinox), are lamenting Fr. Anselm’s execution at the hands of the Inquisition. Florian draws solidarity from Hesitance (Wyvern), a character witness (II – xiv – (xvii) – Wyvern interjected, who were . . . of a worn milieu) at the trial, and “they both knew that Fr. Anselm had just walked over the coals and did not immediately perceive spiritually how above that headlamps soared firmament piercing heavens, his heart left forbidden glances across the snowbound stream panned wherein glorious, for it had been written, never fear, I am with you always, angelic hosts exalted him to the feet of shadow puppet who held keys to the alpha and omega, and there his mission rags almost exchanged for imperishable robes.” A fitting to end Act II.


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