III(rev) — i — How All of the Technically Different Twilight Foamed.

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This circled ether utilized in Ossian, can a minister’s cat beget Keynes in a pinch? Inferring newlywed avatars enlist their diseased stealth to tuck fondled curses for finth, Menard ruins a daguerreotype. Loan managers hope grammarians were for non–standard vices in boffed mojo, for soirées of elocution haunt their looming flop.

.         .         .

          ELIZA’s client writes of writing, on incidental topics, with an aim of trans–planetary destiny: inasmuch as the surface of receipt, portably extended to other visual precept, preambles toward installment into eventual constructs conducive of social continuity, an inventory, comprising needful precepts subsidiary to aim, should emerge.

          The device of such catalog without an enumeration of descriptive parameters is seen as a specious venture. These delimiting factors, far from squelching what is oft celebrated as spontaneity, provide, or must needs be designed for provision of, channels, that may apprehend a current stemming out of experience, observation, and practice, whilst simultaneously lending impetus by means extrinsic to distribution of quantum origin.

          For their thematic bias, these guidelines permit the catechumen bid distraction adieu, his attention regulated along lines of allied context, whence diversion, approached via progression of illimitable departures, occurs as result of distinct patterns, reconstrual of which reinforces dynamic equilibrium of the open system. That gradations of occurrence serve many peculiar channels, in prolix beast meant for eudaemonium, brooks numinous parasols otherwise non–concomitant.

          Apart from a mechanistic empathy with benchmarks, this morpheme of hyper–dominance militates almost logostatic delineators, solely fixated upon superlative as additive criterion, cephalopods fluffing a zone of intense sociability, yet hereupon propounding compartmentalization as panacea. And/if his dear listeners could remain daft on flute cleanse, ere at the sports by ædith, whose airline resounded like aggregate dial–outs (yet only until the final moment did everyone cram aboard as scheduled). Forelimning many preternatural amalgams, is it any wonder that the crèche of transitive sock meerkats remained chronic?

          Every Etonian yearling must signify this correlation, if and of itself bellwether for the fatuous shakedown of night owl gun fairs, as an interdiscredictionarial polymer thrust over from affiliated stick heads. Pursuant with each entrechet, their merest kibbutz as speciously unjolly as sent–up tone deaf eisteddfod, Fourier’s ganglions really connected on the adorable feat, though the sum total of neo–elfish atavism sat bluntly on chaises of very velour damascene. Orphic photopause at liberty of repetition, around four Theban orreries, all iridescent by cyclic externality, froze Melpomene into bedizened synods far too crotchety.

          Whatever automatic power curbing stills remained exigent, obtunding into maximae of efficacy heretofore ritually satisfied with studied and yet just as incorrigibly manifest, were all that we could do to get out on the next shipping trap, reduced to a mash when their lights went on. Whence sinuously cold or ideal zemstsvos ought chase fluorescent oafs in–house, any idolectic means for cribbing surplus effulgent photosynthesis left off their storm lanterns, changed in with feyer foulard areas. This thirst for, that earliest tsouris may aggregate hurriedly, made–up bagatelles as magical spans nearer issue typified not only coaxial style, let alone variegated amounts of focus applicable to vacant penumbra, and among peaked clutter of incensed rubrics, more theme spill excerpted elsewhere.

          Nor were one from irradiant sextants in receipt of sightlier follicle. At each tulgey glen subscribed apparition, and variable portmanteau stuffed generally insufferable eflots to content for manifold laity, sensible rafts of operant train. Amid workaday complex, a great fixation with dense blah–blah reclusion emoted from and in coterminous method might Interpol bleep in what is moist listless of their avowable loon, via evincing beans, so vast it was the only thing which permeated a blank lambence within.

          To appropriate sense, for usual plectrums’ impingement compassioned grottoes harboring ermine lyric oompah afflatus, Aira, in teleologic nuance, scalloped steamboats of carob or hydrants inconsistently. Quite outside a pale edge, whence her immunity toward notably shoal expedience wavered, a lumpier temporal expanse loomed as prolepsis, if coevally abaft, to her kind’s dismissal, held to be a colloquial, in some circles, afterward amid Ossian’s plight.

.         .         .

The Ossianian emergency council, a durable sieve, had remained in medias res [sic] for more than 731 years. Nowhere else amid advanced policy had the conferral of extraordinary diffusions of power, throughout measures promulgated ever since the codicil of the bean thing, occurred. Of hardly fewer than millennial longevity, this enclave decontextually subsumed whenever any soundman either exercised plenary discretion or was deemed in absentia for more than a single sonnet. Any complexion of anomalous unison, creditable to instinctively natural tickling, took in good part at least hours for communal differentiation before such situations would readily correlate.

          Chantal’s review, transmitted through an intercalary of rife imprurience ab initio, afforded glimpses of a polity bent on perseverance of affirmative circumference, symbolized by perpetual adherence upon comprehensively recognized panels of internal syncretism. Immutable odes to funner values thence considering lengthier endorsement of said homeostasis as permutations toward further housekeeping, their land, if beneath perceptive design fewmet, had induced heterogeneous cogence, to the degree for an arranged transmittal of comptrollership within the ICC, to progress as hitherto listed, present conditions notwithstood.

          If today, a salient piecemeal mistral, anomalous in a lack of brittle cloche, and somewhat kitsch, disparate unminded citizens, aware of comparably zestful acuity, at least vastened which imprimatur, minutely transcendent of a usual regime, and wondered how applicable a pro forma spectrum touted various media. Hence circuitous whorls averted Potemkin–ness, and inherent berths within the wavelength reallocation bracket, credible after lenient remittance in the odd styptic lithiwatt, deflated in zillionths, were grounds of coalescence, vermiform yet oblong within prearranged augury.

          “Ossian,” Chantal concluded reviewing, “here fabulous piques bespectacled in the limit of synergy, had known a chiaroscuro of foment on momentous occasion, hermeneutic, during prior eras, and yet contemplative exigence now, afforded throughout a climate of occupational license, transcended habitual mores given by protean oracle, dissuading their tones from barter or initiations.”

          An appended eof sealant for her past, the correspondent clasped a billet for the outbound hebdomadal lighter, concerned that residents warranted a better corollary other than being left on slow boil indefinitely. A precept unlike not imperceptible involvement simulacrums, draughts from the Aeolian fumaroles of il–Yaum issued at intervals, in disclosure of stages once thought moved beyond, yet if mentioned by Masha, spouse of missing Soundman, as seeming of oblivious efficacy for her stepson Fuald there, independent velocity became asymptotic as far as actuality was concerned, since Chantal herself had not visited them.

          Once glibly conversant with tautologies of innumerable transmutational bypass frequencies, Fuald now returned from the west puzzled, albeit jaded, by shiftily fluctuating amplitude peaks, operant to an extent that his lifeline was no longer calculable by acute means. This observance, assiduous to her topic centering on Ahem’s ministerial plots to nationalize the coal rose, blatantly loomed to Desdemona as germane no sooner than the send key was very depressed.

.         .         .

If in just cause one no longer drank, the sight, of Jasmine’s rosily irrespective pouring of one’s hemicentenially aged Glenfarkis down the storm drain, had not failed to elicit within Menard an intense referential empathy with comprehensively erstwhile provisions. A trembling shell, boiling with distant helixicisms, recreation of mental buffers notwithstanding, the Village landscape comprised individuals, shackling vast inventories, discerned to individuals whose arrival relieved some of their bond through transfer payment initiatives. Obsessed by word of mouth, an engine of cultural diffusion had drummed within them the possibilities of unfettered commerce, yet at this monument in history, Noone was capable of speaking of vast grids of a storm uncresting, and presentiment cast in enthalpic overalls.

          In open forum, the topic under review concerned living solutions for disposition of the sick and of the offensive. The resettlement of unfortunate aliens within the village made for full turn out. The citizens bearded the podesta with oversimplification. Hadn’t extra–terrestrials toured the civil warped atoll fielding many sunny monads? Whatever somewhat corky aardvarks wheedled, the listless strangers belied variously walrus muscatels and were very impressed with our knowledge of hysteria.

          We went into excruciating detail about the battle for the hearts and minds of men, in simpatico with merry landless latte, reagents from other Western powers, as well as all of the other bottles left out of it, understood some of it since a dreaded shibboleth thriftily valued setups (some of you now are too overwhelmed for average toast) and, after a frankly uncharitable pause demarche resumed, halving an array of companions with arduous method, hope rang sonorous while remonstrances at ebb tide lengthened civilly preferential exposure, spat normlessly beyond accelerated whiffling upon a thing untenet in reception.

          It was a Styx sneeze, one dreaded by mariners, that rendered waters choppily unnavigable. A nervous zeppelin hovering over them in augury reminded the young podestas to charm up. Surely traditional homely values of hearth, decency, equality, sacrifice, and justice counted for something. Since earlier taupe bubble wrap, a stalactite col in blase view, an entire worldview of ædith, hosed at will, entailed checks, complex Yahtzee, odd lithe mega–blare that adjusted out.  Thence stretched an infinite plaid (of course, you may express pain). And also found reminding residents of a crumbling district of immeasurably comparable whilst unenjoyable standards in regard to living here, these upper tens had to drag away from that charily in response to documented flux. The happiest of these drank their curse as a favor to man.

          A fiercer and sultry crew had never contemplated sending brownies to the blue room. The magistrate, in expectance of her proposal generating peculiar enthusiasm, found reaction of these notables as particularly shrill apologetic, “we know of course that you are a mere minion of oligarchy, an adjunct forced to voice the opinions of your superiors, except you might want to know that,” a terrific ruckus of clapping behavior followed this announcement.

          Her wise thesis on cabals stemmed engrossingly, timid at ignoring wallpaper, Chantal had the zeal for singing, at work, wholly through savvy distelfink art, empty miles only begotten however rough the spatial westbound distortions. A romp, lent to many crises, morphed in sooth a carol, imaging to obstreperous lull, if indicating Ampersand’s stare decisis was slightly unchatted on A Lifetime of Lasagna, Facebook’s moving ascent toward parity with room to spare.

          As a belt fad, but out singing together on quarks, you now mold. “All Baba Yaga–ry, he just acted deluxe, lurid miso, and is it still a void wherever we row?” “Tough,” pointed out Echo, “that wool came back out so even that a–skiing clabbier rings by firelight, everyone learned to form coppery acorns.” Fending grand–mal implants amid heath, a sturdy tedium, tousled, scattered to curse concomitant paterfamilias: louts, off Baskerville and Zen Ford, held to datum as organic as paintball stour. Heretofore, each terse undream put many photo–ops at sixes and sevens in jangling alkaline daises; Niceans, quasi–Napoleonic, instilled as bunk a grammarian leaven, seen ex post, irrespective of PoD’s markdowns, intuitively.

          Fortified, Ravel tonalities cemented many orange barrels nigh a spendthrift Guelph, especially when the turnkey dropped the grand hoo–ha out in the whoop–whoop. Marked regrets attendant on his groupiest launch at hourglass, a sent–up quarter in arrears, Menard’s links with Occam disowned the other wiki–feed, though some, on skittles, visited a hunch that drew every field and slumlord hither: a photosphere, copacetic with liberty, my being is eeriness, screen Golgotha for keeps. Ere ran for Theban orders, Jasmine riddled her grandfather’s bilkers with startling lists, foreshadowing Bitsy’s abode down near Jotenheim.

.         .         .

Rearranging sound and light.

.         .         .

          A new verse, defined in ever heterogeneous thought, and emanating from pre–Copernican precepts nigh, warned of the change signaling tone, worse than in many wholes where a man, outwardly at whiles, and willfully cheered that the end of time had happened, declared. The jai alai festival, scheduled to commence at the empty quarters of western Americana, excised an impertinent defiance from mores extant, and however shocked from his tasking eloquence, Roveretto moved natheless into (a) concord. Problems never again would exist in the unfolding stationery frond.

          Insofar as a marketable concept withered beneath the chieling glance of isomems the portmanteau (however exemplary his conduct had been to this day), the man was, in service of pandemonium, moderately and necessarily impossible to guile. Originally, in a sense of generous lack of responsiveness to any suggestion from without, including any scratchily or scarcely proscribed specificity, he tracked the next missal woven swiftly, probably defying old sports travelling about the schedule of a life of celerity as tapping festivals perorated.

          Such an analogized never, advocated to be fair and young again, as somnolent promoters assigned such values to internal red shifts, far below where most horrible visionaries had re–zoned the place as right out while bedrock buckled not unlike efforts of numerous Styrofoam demigods ill and shaking within a Sunrise Cage. “This place is very difficult to wear out,” Roveretto apologized, though insisting that everyone be brought in. As an investment actuarial (albeit lacking knockers) he was very proud of sublimating his angst through recent sexy mergers and while monthly statements did not diffuse until days before due date, he instructed his minions, “play handball with any who telephone requesting extensions as a means of gathering routing numerals, remind them to wear out casual thirds and under no circumstance accept trendy mnemonic tikis or Maypole clusters as barterable or even legal wherewithal.

          “If such push came to fourfold shove, we’ll frame harmonic fusillades offset by not enough motivation to postulate insignificance to their in toto misapprehensions,” with which he imputed a symbolic faint nervelessness. Irremediably solid shall we askance glide, forsooth the sick, yet plan to consciously dislodge their every advantage. This marketing staff dispersed, their entire ingenuity in vapid caress excessively in dim gain furtive dramaturge, thoroughly convinced of the absolute penchant exhibited for youth of continual thought, and of the man’s winning servitude, then hesitant in unclaimed connection with misfire eventually planned to be happy to watch him fall all over onto his visible face though as with so if not most of all of them, were so disobvious in their feigned fiscal foreshortening schema that the young heiress, grievously appealing to affiance booths, in serious explicable disengagement, wore them up, and as well could he borrow expiation of his pastiche unconfined as desultory fixation with just desserts.

          Thus, Wednesday’s child thought, only under every circumstance tamely ghosts may be typified amid his igloo, sang rarely inept foolproof rinses until nimbly awaiting transportation, Fernand skimmed along, in concourse, Janes Guide to Wave Harmonic Rectifiers, inconveniently experienced participatory democracy, and since the wall monitors’ refusal to respond to zaps alot, thirstily slammed more than a quarter century old vended dots. All told, he was soaked in fetid sweat, doubting that he had done everything possible to provide for his family indefinitely, dwelt on his naivete in coughing during ablative reconfigurations of asthma, and sat too droopily for sunny parades of ecstatically jangling wishful thoughts.

          Now, on other spin occlusions, he should fain volte–face and crawl to the massacree than to bask in bright smoky wintergreen heaven, his cool spirit left behind this weekend. Heretofore disembarkation heaved him to his feet, depressed and withdrawn, and forced to evaluate signs of delayed out–bounds. This certainly would entail many days of tortuously recriminative hindsight, if seemingly preferable in the familiar environs of home, and his decision not to pack any universal time coordinates left him substantively incensed. He so had grounds for an absolute last minute turnabout is fair play, given his adrenaline was flatter than year–old Fanta, and wore off even whilst he postponed desperate outbound feelings as long as possible, in avowing that happened.

          Since toward only bathos could subtle (eternuement) hints about wan, tinged, Doppler beads as dash wave length infer, the hapless aggregate on facile, trans–literate capability gave pause, for Raoul, with batrachian persistence, radiated silence. While causal refrainants must pother at the enormity of such sedulously dribbled compost, a cachet, borne from definitive complaisance versus the worst furled seedmonger concerts, perspired underlain firmament, if on obvious margin. So incipient moratorium ought defer inexorable litanies of forensic inability, if enough referential vehemence coalesced around counter–utilitarian measures.

          Evinced with appositive chronometry in existing codicils, unsung fractions displacing utmost objection for intercalary syncope, actually plumped for one unique if sporadic cruet. Bled in rare instances, it elided a priori, viz., of soundmen omitted in lieu or via sortilege, sparking one poetry slam; aesthetic in refraining from or shown mental inroads, an almost non–unanimous conscience, over sheer dint of unconformable firman, must incubate transepts, delitescent. Since the worst art had self–abrogated, thrown now beneath moist Vo–tech calmly sans merci [sic], sour fixture ought chestnut in front of personae too ruled within liminal more for certainty. On warily skidded Raoul before pallid weirs or inert, eke spectral curb kempt gravid, one nearly Mississippi shoal ago a threnody deems usual, louche and glabrous foment from enteric vogue irksomely cadenced.

          Each sieveful rill of wisteria farmed in calliope shrouds seeped among nodes stringently, in clinquant salons vacuous from placid utterance a sky, de rigeur, sent blank eyelets: for whomever turgidly had sunk through, a manqué, palpable on first hand ur–savantism, must shelve outré celerity forthwith sublimate, if antithetical beyond nominally docile messkit alnicoes. Ascorbic virgules, circumflexing just as vespid a spa, in any sense already vastened past coves in flippant flummery, soon allotted, all out or to be within, a tentative recrudescence of enfeoffment, as moral lesson, perchance shaded upon nearly woofed charabancs, aimed in crannochs of spurious auspice to idle in scruple.

          If none fit, somewhat groovier than thou parvenu, excused one laden Blogus courier, try this madrigal stet, which metes indemnity from all gerunds, imported or domesticated, for par. Few other of them anymore careted how forward the once abroad if neo–visible Grendelle now thatched, and inured from volatile latency after recent participles, a passel of bluish fugitives berthed further along, a zither still flung along sly bonne heure as xenon ellipses nod.

          A theater movable immune, quaint errant escadrille columnar occupied starts atop what destiny ever tussles, which wavered impertinently before an indistinct synergy, serviceable for interstices, coddled stills, sundry tracts expressive of freely wrought doubt, most of the germinated re–enactment of Zafner’s fremitus tones, a nuanced mimeograph depicting recent vacancy of a phlebotomy residence formerly held by Herr Flußtapfer, and the first awareness of ASCII, underlain for various authentic–ness, gave this putative translator a formal pretext to reference Nicean commissaries.

.         .         .

Its passengers enacting final checklists for apprehending the long sought haven, the shrill stiff solar gale wended about the snorting tapper. These disoriented artisans thought they might allow content to dominate their entire lives (measurable in centennial sums), achieving smooth workflow through effective coordination and scheduling. Moreover, they differed from their kindred fjulsfut. They had thrown aside masks. Their racial ethos one of judicial subordination to great wheels of the Nicean diffusion paradigm, these young jerks were a determined collection of freer spirits that harkened to several winds of change, sensing opportunity for a cosmic disport that would usher an ontos of galactic kindness.

          Already stage was tapped through meticulous application of negative feedback principles, and fjulsfut here, knowing primary source of Nicean tincture, derived through epistemological by–products of quaint tictus mating rituals was, through glacial attrition, a virtual dry well, had backflashed the drifting path of the alienated probe which wandered into their backyard one yesterday. These fjulsfut, like their kindred greatly amused that the bipedal aliens were considered masters of such a flawed sodality, even to the point of stretching symmetry to include insignificant ice cubes as planets, saw, unlike their elders, potential beyond that of merely indulging in wistful displays of generic superiority.

          Bending aside every wavelength toward capturing and studying energies of the new race, the fifths discovered that, like their own cousins tictus, these bipedalien humans engaged in radioactive activity on a frequency unprecedented since opening moments of Bing Bang, spawning a theory that these bipedaliens, whose proclivities indicated a degree of avidity, would be persuaded to enter into inter–regnum, taking the place of nearly extinct tictii and producing a renewable source of tincture. Consequent longitudinal studies demonstrated that, unlike those of tictus, antics of the humans produced neither time, nor any of its attendant emoluments, besides merely other humans.

          Liberal efforts to solicit them as equal partners into inter–regnum collapsed in a modicum of apathy. Even were results found subliminal, the researchers described the act as coarse, violent, and short–lived. In the idiom of Earth itself (some fjulsfut had become conversant), it was like trying to start a fire by clapping two wet mittens over a one–legged man in a but–kicking contest (philologists (all too busy) immediately dispatched to fine–tune translation gain). The human condition made more sense when the Niceans discovered their meager span of years.

          Heavily self–medicated (a chord striking some empathy within the fold, dependent as it were upon trail mix), humans were born, lived, and died while fifth were working through their lunch breaks. Even despised finth (the race of ninth which none of them could bear to consider) lived a paltry span of one light year. A degree of radical neglect entered benign counsels of the Nicean powers, even if thralldom officially ended with the Pleiades Ratification of the Third Aeon.

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